Episode 30: Interview with Emily Vickers of Social Dearest

Welcome to the 30th episode of "A Chat With Benedetta"! We're celebrating with another interview: Health and Beauty Blogger Emily Vickers of Social Dearest. We spoke with her about our shared experiences with treating health systemically, Emily's experience with the Benedetta line, our favorite facial treatments, and more!

About Emily: Emily's personal journey into wellness began in high school where she struggled with Eczema. She was prescribed steroid cream and given a list of brands that were "safe" to use on her skin. It was not until after she graduated college, and started her career in finance, that she became more invested in her overall health and wellness. She began researching (and near obsessing!) about safer alternatives to skincare, baby care and household products. Eventually her friends and friends of friends were e-mailing her asking for advice about non-toxic beauty and home alternatives and that's when Social Dearest was born in 2016.
The goal of her website is to help busy women, especially moms, feel more confident and educated about what they're exposing themselves and their families to. You can find her on her website at socialdearest.com and on Instagram @socialdearest.

Episode 29: Breathe...Clear Heart, Clear Mind

Staying in tune with our energy and our hearts...how do we do it? On this week's episode, we talk about the connection between our bodies, minds, and hearts; how to approach skin care as a form of self care; and how to ask the right questions, both practically and energetically. 

Episode 28: Post-Operative Care

In this episode of "A Chat With Benedetta," we discuss different kinds of facial operative procedures, such as radio frequency (RF) procedures, microneedling, and the trendy vampire facial! We touch upon the methods and purpose of each type, the difference between invasive and noninvasive treatments, and how to best care for your skin after a procedure. We also make some alternative Benedetta recommendations! Enjoy!


Episode 27: Interview with Karine Ponce of Lunar Method

It's time for another podcast interview! This week, we spoke with health & wellness coach and Ayurvedic specialist Karine Ponce. During our conversation, we touched upon the importance of connection with our bodies, our communities, and our spiritual selves, and Karine spoke to the experience of helping her clients along their journey to wellness. Listen in!

About Karine: Karine Ponce is a wellness and zero-waste expert, and the founder & author of the Lunar Method. The Lunar Method is a holistic process to optimize and up-level your health, home, and relationships. To learn more about Karine and the Lunar Method, visit her website lunarmethod.com, or find her on Instagram @lunarmethodology.


Episode 26: Being A Warrior

What does it meant to be a "Warrior"? Does it mean seeking out conflict, or does it mean standing up for what you deserve despite the odds? In this week's episode of "A Chat With Benedetta," we talk about what being a warrior means to us individually, and how it relates to a larger movement in a chaotic time. Join us as we touch upon protecting yourself and others, and and how to always look for the light in the darkness. Enjoy!



Episode 25: Harmony and Cultural Shift

In this week's episode, we answer a listener question, chat about the changing cultural landscape of wellness and mindfulness, and tackle a pressing issue for chaotic times: How do we stay in harmony in an environment that is not harmonious? Enjoy!


Episode 24: Interview with Laura Scott, Wellness Practitioner

It's our first podcast interview! This week, we spoke with wellness practitioner Laura Scott of A Body Beautiful. We touched on seeking out alternative practices as a form of self care, Laura's experiences performing the Benedetta Holistic Facial for clients, and her own Benedetta journey.

About Laura: Modalities include Reiki, Skin Rolling, multiple massage techniques, Biofield Tuning, and THE Benedetta Facial! Specializes in Trauma and PTSD. A Benedetta user since 1999, and Julia's practitioner since 2001! Interested in her services and in the Sonoma County and Kentfield? Give her a call at 707-773-3797 or email her at abodybeautiful4u@yahoo.com.



Episode 23: Seeing Through Falsehoods

In the complex and saturated world of Health and Wellness, how can you tell the truth from the clever marketing? This week, we discuss falsehoods and inaccuracies, and not just within the wellness industry! What does "organic" actually mean, and why is it used as a marketing shorthand for "healthy"? What are the dangers of chemical sunscreen use? Listen to this week's episode to hear more!

Episode 22: Functional Medicine

Do you treat your skin care as a cosmetic or as medicine? In this episode of "A Chat With Benedetta," we discuss the philosophy of functional medicine, and how it relates to the philosophy of care at Benedetta. Join us!


Episode 21: Skin Care Trends

Trends, trends, trends! On this episode of "A Chat With Benedetta," we address several popular skin care trends, including oil-based cleansers, hydrating sheet masks, and Retinol. We discuss what actually goes into these treatments, and how Benedetta fits in as an alternative to the mainstream. Enjoy!