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Episode 40: Sustainability Follow Up

Welcome to Sustainability, part 2! On this week's "A Chat With Benedetta," we delve further into how we sustain ourselves...specifically, how we touch base with our emotional needs, and how we avoid limiting ourselves or giving too much to others. We also introduce our new Benedetta family member and co-host: Danielle!

Episode 39: Living Sustainably

On this episode, we talk "sustainability." When you hear that word, it probably brings to mind recycling, or other eco-friendly practices, but we approach it from another angle: living your life in an emotionally and spiritually fulfilling way. Cooperation within your community, staying connected, and developing your greater intelligence are all part of a sustainable lifestyle...after all, you are a precious resource! 

Episode 38: Youthful Skin Trends

Do you ever notice how many new skin care companies market themselves like food flavors, complete with pastel candy-colored creams and gels? On this episode of "A Chat With Benedetta," we discuss why this trend has become so popular...and how aesthetics can be favored over the product contents! Listen in and share your thoughts on this latest skin care style.


Episode 37: Interview with Jeff Chilton, Founder of Nammex Organic Mushroom Extracts

Welcome back to "A Chat With Benedetta!" As we have touched on before, food and preventative care is key to holistically caring for your body, as well as your spirit. On this episode, we are joined by our newest guest Jeff Chilton, Founder of Nammex Organic Mushroom Extracts. We discussed the medicinal and nutritional benefits of mushrooms, and the understanding of "food as medicine"; the effort that goes into the production of organic mushroom extracts; and what to be beware of as a consumer in the supplement market!

Jeff is a pioneer in the Organic Mushroom industry, and an advocate for educating consumers. Jeff's level of consciousness and understanding regarding quality control along with precise growing practices (as they pertain to each mushroom type), and analytical testing is, in Julia's opinion, unmatched. The takeaway from our chat with Jeff is one we warn our listeners about when it comes to good efficient care for your skin, and that is: "Buyer beware".

Give it a listen and know more than you thought you knew about the health and medicinal value of mushrooms!
You can find further educational reading on Jeff's website, https://www.nammex.com. Read more of his story in this excerpt from the Nammex website:

"In 1983, after 10 years of commercial mushroom growing experience, Jeff co-authored and published the classic, bestselling book on small-scale mushroom cultivation, The Mushroom Cultivator. That same year he moved his family to British Columbia to start a mushroom spawn laboratory and small specialty mushroom growing facility. By 1989, after much research, it became clear that many of the specialty mushrooms had beneficial properties and this was the wave of the future.

In 1989 Jeff made his first trip to China to attend the International Society for Mushroom Science’s (ISMS) conference in Nanjing and he discovered the depth of mushroom knowledge and production capacity that China offered. The relationships Jeff built over the next 10 years laid the foundation that made Nammex a leader in the new category of health promoting mushrooms. This same year, 1989, Nammex was founded."


Episode 36: Perception & Following Your Heart

On our latest episode of "A Chat With Benedetta," we focus on how perception can influence our thinking. It's important to follow your heart and your gut, but it's also important to be mindful of how outside influences can color your perception of truth! We also touch upon the importance of preventative care, and how and when we should start taking care of our skin and bodies.


Episode 35: Detox, the Winter Trend

On this episode, we discuss what seems to be on everyone's mind in January: detoxing! After the holidays, and with New Years resolutions in full swing, we're all searching for the latest product, diet, or lifestyle change. Tune in as we cover our favorite detoxing methods, how to listen to your body's needs, and which Benedetta products will help you on your journey.


Episode 34: Toxic Food, Toxic People

It's our first new podcast of 2020! While many of us take this time of year as an opportunity to cleanse our bodies through diet and detox, it's also a time to consider the toxic influences that other people may bring to your life. On this episode, we discuss how to maintain a good support network...and that includes knowing when to cut certain people out of your life! We also speak about the "design and purpose" of Benedetta, and how every ingredient counts.


Episode 33: Practices of Attraction

Everyone talks about the power of "positive thinking," but what does that actually mean? On this episode of "A Chat With Benedetta," we talk about how manifesting success, setting intentions, and breathing exercises all work together, and ways that you can actively practice attracting what you want into your life.


Episode 32: Gratitude and The Way We Think

With the holidays upon us, the pressure is on to feel grateful. But in high stress environments and with clouded thoughts, gratitude becomes hard to navigate. Can you, and should you, actively seek out things to be grateful for? On this episode, we discuss own own feelings of gratitude, the effects of positive thinking, and how to balance empathy for others. Enjoy!


Episode 31: Aspects of Communication

As we recover from the recent first in Sonoma County, we are discussing the issues of communication in times of crisis. In this episode, we touch on what affects our breathing, both physically and emotionally, and our favorite treatments for feeling congested or silenced. Above all, we remind ourselves to always stay mindful of speaking our truth. Give it a listen!