How long do your products stay fresh?
Unopened products will stay fresh for about 6 months to 1 year, although we always recommend using them sooner rather than later.

Opened products should be used within 6 months of opening.

How many uses will I get out of your products?
Most of our products are about a 3-6 month supply, depending on how you use them. When using the full regimen, you will find that our products will last longer than when using them alone.

Why does the color or aroma of my product vary?
Our preparations may change in color and aroma from batch to batch. This is a natural occurrence due to environmental changes in the production of each botanical. Additionally, the region in which the botanical is acquired from may affect the color and aroma as well.

How long will it take for my order to be shipped?
Orders are typically processed and shipped within 1-3 business days of ordering, depending on our current order volume. Please note, all orders over $200 will be sent with a signature requirement unless otherwise noted at checkout.

I’m a first-time customer; do you offer samples or trial sizes?
Yes, we do! We have two Sampler Cans available, which provide you with a 2-3 week sample of our Most-Drier or Most-Oilier lines. The Sampler Cans include a sample of the full Benedetta Facial Regimen, including “The” Eye Crème and Control Crème.

We also offer the Facial Regimen Travel & Gift Set (Drier, Most, Oilier and Sensitive), which provides you with a 1-month supply of the Facial Regimen. The Travel & Gift Sets do not include “The” Eye Crème or Control Crème. *Please note: The Anti-Inflammatory Regimen does not have a moisturizer.

Where is your warehouse located?
Our warehouse is located in Penngrove off of Old Redwood Highway, between downtown Cotati and downtown Penngrove. The address is: 10274 Old Redwood Highway, Penngrove.

Do you ship internationally?

Free shipping not offered during sales
Yes, we ship to most locations around the world. For international orders, we recommend using DHL or FedEx as your shipping option. Free shipping via DHL on orders over $175 is available to the following countries: Canada, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Please note that customs, duties and entry fees may apply and are not included in the shipping fee charged by Benedetta nor are they covered in the free shipping option for orders over $175.