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Seaweed Bath

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Benedetta's Seaweed Bath combines three therapies for the ultimate wellness experience. Our bath combines the effects of Balneotherapy (bathing in water hot enough to be therapeutic), Thalassotherapy (therapy from the sea) and the power of Aromatherapeutics, (essential oils medicines).

Seaweeds are known thyroid tonics and aid the natural processes of the body. We use a micronized blend of combined seaweed powders with a therapeutic dose of our essential oils, developed to alkalize and bring the system into balance as it gently detoxifies. This powerful, luxurious treatment will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, and your body relaxed and rejuvenated. The Seaweed Bath is a life-changing experience that can help shorten the duration of illness or eliminate it all together when taken at the first signs of ill health. 

Our customers remark on how regular use has made in a  difference in their overall health. 

Caution: Do not use during pregnancy. Not for those sensitive to iodine or going through chemotherapy or radiation.


Fill bath with hot (100-104 degree) water, and disperse 2 heaping shells of Seaweed Powder. When the tub is almost full, add 1 scoop of the essential oil blend.

Soak a minimum of 20 minutes & drink 12-16 oz purified water for therapeutic results!

For best results use weekly.


I have spent many hours in the ocean, waiting for waves, or just walking along the shore feeling the sand, seaweed, and water beneath my feet. The ocean has a revitalizing effect on us without question. Taking up 70% of our planet, we have a symbiotic cord with all that it has to offer.

Hot springs have their own therapeutic qualities through mineral absorption and heat. I have visited many and find their cleansing, detoxifying ability invaluable.

Comprising a bath that possessed all the elements of both these therapies and natural wonders was the end goal in the development of the Seaweed Bath. I wanted an alternative to what was being offered. As a long time user of seaweeds, and with knowledge of their curative and restorative effects on radiation, the development of a bath to harness such properties was imminent.

As an aromatherapist, I wanted to assist the continuation of therapeutic release with an essential oil blend-- Not just any essential oil blend, but one that would rival any “scented” bath salt by using a therapeutic dose.

The Benedetta Seaweed Bath was developed and launched in 2000. Comprised of two therapies, dosed separately.
1. Micronized Sea Vegetables - Composed of several seaweeds.
2. Organic & Biodynamic Essential Oil Blend. 

This incredible, rejuvenating preparation is a must in every bathroom. This Life-Changing Seaweed Bath is invaluable during cold and flu season to ward off, or shorten the duration of, illness. Aches and pains are diminished, and balance is restored with consistent use. Taken in hot water weekly or daily to rejuvenate.


.44 Lb. Micronized Seaweed Powders: Lithothamnium Calcareum, Laminaria Digitata,and Fucus.

Bath Oil: Proprietary Blend Certified Organic & Biodynamic Essential Oils in Sulphated Castor Oil

Seaweed Bath

Seaweed Bath

$ 60.00

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