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The "Best" Deodorant - Light

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The “Best” Deodorant - Light is a clean and natural preparation that really works! Formulated to be slightly lighter than our The "Best" Deodorant - Original, this a great alternative to those not needing a full-strength deodorant. Our deodorant is fully plant-realized with constituents that target odor-causing bacteria safely. While not an antiperspirant, it counteracts the bacteria that causes excessive sweating. This deodorant is primarily composed of a locally sourced organic and biodynamic blend of grape alcohol.

Our deodorant spray dries quickly, leaving only the enlivening botanical aroma of the active ingredients. It is a very concentrated formula, with no water or fillers added.

*Full size bottles lasts a single person about 4-6 months!


Spray 1-2 sprays under each armpit once a day. Usage can depend on preference.
Keep out of eyes. Avoid use after shaving. For external use only.


The Best Deodorant was created in 2002 out of a need for a chemical free preparation that holistically targeted underarm odor. I was particularly interested in a clean formula that would not interfere with glandular elimination. it seemed illogical from a holistic standpoint that we adulterate such a vulnerable area with toxic products that are introduced directly into our bloodstream.

At the time, there were reports out of Marin County, California that women in the area were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer at a rate 40% higher than the national average[1].There was also compelling research that detected parabens in human breast tumors[2]. Some years later, more research linked aluminum salts to estrogen disruption and breast cancer[3].

My mission, as always, is to look at the body and how it works, what it absorbs and it's functioning principles. The deodorant needed to allow the eliminatory area to breathe, while introducing agents that would diffuse the odor-carrying bacteria. Although not an antiperspirant, i did address glandular sweat by using botanical with constituents that address this issue, gently and holistically.

Today, as more personal care companies shift away from toxic preservatives, and the European Commission plans to restrict Butyl and Propylparabens from cosmetics[4], I am proud to have a product that has assisted women's health for over a decade.

It is my great joy and accomplishment to offer you a product that really works. Made directly by our hand and hearts, 100% of the ingredients in our "Best" Deodorant are certified organic and biodynamic.

Local Harvest 50%
Domestic Harvest 45%
Global Harvest 5%



Botanical Ethanol Alcohol, a proprietary blend of essential oils and Peach Prunus persica Extract

The "Best" Deodorant - Light

The "Best" Deodorant - Light

$ 32.00

The First of its Kind Since 2001

Targets odor without harm

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