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Rosemary Verbenone

Rosemary Verbenone
Rosemary Verbenone - For Most Skin Founded in 1996 in Sonoma County California, Benedetta is an authentic, 100% Farm-Sourced botanical skin care line. Encompassing ingredients sourced directly from Certified Organic and Biodynamic farms, from all over the globe, many from California. Rose mary verbenone- rosemarinus officinalis c.t. verbenone is less stimulating than traditional or culinary rosemary's due to its lower camphor content. The verbenone type of rosemary has skin regeneration, healing, and cellular metabolism properties. This unique essential oil with it's delicate sweet aroma, has the ability to carry nutrients into the cells as it assists the removal of toxins and waste. Benedetta utilizes this precious essential oil in two precious benedetta facial preparations, named accordingly - rosemary verbenone, in both our Rosemary Verbenone Moisturizercrystal radiance hydrating elixir and visibly radiant moisturizer. The rosemary verbenone series, categorized under most skin conditions is to be used when skin is neither too oily or too dry. This is the series that shoud be considered when either your ylang regimen for oilier skin is not quite enough moisturizing or your neroli regimen for drier skin is too rich. This may happen at different times of the year and could be caused by diet change, stress levels, travel, age, and, most likely, seasonal change. Another important factor is that as Benedetta preparations bring your skin into balance, we become less of the qualities we once labeled ourselves to be. Developed to delicately regenerate the skin, benedetta's rosemary verbenone Preparations are the perfect choice during the day to encourage skin radiance and suppleness. "rosemary verbenone visibly radiant moisturizer is what i use about half the year. It is my favorite mositurizer because i absolutely love the delicate herbal scent of the verbenone type. I feel it is one the underestimated in the essential oil [aromatherapeutic] world, for it's anti-wrinkling effects. Love it! I hope you do too." Julia faller - founder / benedetta Our Story pronunciation: Benedetta = Ben-ă-dāt-tă No product is intentionally fragranced to smell a particular way. Instead, the sweet aromatic and fresh smell in each preparation comes directly from the synergy of active ingredients. Each preparation is prepares in small batches to assure quality and freshness. Having respect and reverence for the intended user, Benedetta formulas meet strict quality control measures, never compromising the bioavailability by using toxic fillers, chemical preservatives, or any other synthetic ingredient. "This really is food for your skin. The more alive the preparation, the better the skin recognizes and utilizes the nutrients, much like the body recognizes the same nourishment from eating Organic, fresh, seasonal foods. As a result, the effects are corrective and continued". Julia Faller - Founder/Formulator

Ask Julia

Hi Julia, I'm a complete convert to Benedetta. I have skin that has always had its problems starting with acne at 15 and various episodes until recently (I'm 54!). I believe most of these were hormonal issues that when my hormones are balanced my skin is fine. My bio-identicals are working now and my skin is clear most of the time. My question: At night I have been using the Rosemary Cleanser (this has been a miracle for me changing the texture of my face and has people asking what I have done). I then spray the Hydrosol Neroli on but I don't stop there as you have suggested. I continue with the Palmarosa oil and The Eye Cream. On top of that I also use my La Mer cream and finally some prescription Tazorak ointment for controlling skin issues and hopefully helping with aging. My skin is a very healthy color. I'm just not sure I can give up the creams and Tazorak since my skin is the best it's ever been. Why do you suggest only the hydrosol at night when the other moisturizers can have 8 hours of working without disturbance? I thought this is when most aging women bring out the "big guns" (their heavy duty creams i.e. night creams)! I'm a bit afraid to try the hydrosol solo since my skin finally looks great and much younger. Again, I am so thrilled with your products (wish you made them in a little larger quantity). I would love to help bring your line to Dallas. We don't have anything like a Ferry Bldg, unfortunately. But these Dallas women are big spenders on skin care! I bought the large container (4 yr supply) of La Mer cream before I tried your line which is another compelling reason for me to keep putting on the La Mer at night over your products! Let me know what you think. Again thank you for changing my complexion! Healthy Regards, Natalie N. Hi Natalie, Thank you so much for your dedication to the Benedetta Line. I am thrilled to hear your story. The idea of Cleansing and using the Crystal Radiance Elixir Neroli alone at night, is to harmonize and Balance your skin. The Elixirs are regenerative and more than simple waters. Night time hydration is all that is needed for even the driest skin. You will see that by doing so, you will wake balanced and refreshed. It allows your skin to breathe. Benedetta is a different concept then most skin care companies. We are Farm-Sourced and use ingredients that are vibrant and alive. Their nourishment can change our skin much like Organic healthy eating and a conscious lifestyle can change our systemic health. I can not assist you with products I do not create. Sometimes they can work at cross purposes. I founded this company and the Benedetta brand on the principles of energetic healing and quantum physics. The closer to nature we become the healthier our cells, tissues, organs and body systems function. Benedetta after 20 years of formulations has stood the test of time and has actually protected the skin from aging and oxidation and improves with use. No trends or quick fixes, simple time honored formulas that assist our largest organ [skin] to function at it's best. Have you used our Seaweed Mask? If not I think you will love it. Take good care, Julia

Benedetta Praise

I have been using Benedetta facial products for over 5 years now. When I first found them I was turning 30 and very concerned about the possibility of getting wrinkles. I had to preserve my baby face! I began using the Rosemary and Geranium facial cleanser every night followed by the Rosemary verbenone visibly radiant moisturizer. On occasion I would also use the Palmarosa Nourishing Oil underneath my eyes to prevent lines. I am happy to report that this regimen is working very well for me. At the age of 35 I am still carded regularly and mistaken for someone in their 20''s! Marie, UT From My Heart To Yours, If you have any questions regarding this article, a Benedetta skin care preparation, or a skin related question - only, please feel free to email Julia at: askjulia@benedetta.com. For technical and customer service questions, email us at: sales@benedetta.com
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