Nature's Holistic Sun Care

Nature's Holistic Sun Care
Nature's Holistic Sun Care is now a luxurious cream that is easily applied to nourish and protect your skin.

Ask Julia, Our Founder and Formulator, Why Ombra?

Red Marine Algae After years of seeing the protective and rejuvenative effects from using our Precious & Nourishing antioxidant facial oils, I set out to create a more intensive preparation. A formula that "naturally" protects as it corrected damaged skin. Ombra Del Sole utilizes water integration with usable filtering oils that aid the uptake of regenerative active ingredients. My focus was on the renewal and health of the skin by protecting its immunity with nourishing oils and extracts rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are known scavengers that fight free radical damage. Free radical damage caused by UVA and UVB rays can cause cellular oxidation and in turn stimulate cells to become irregular. The Ombra Del Sole is by no means going to replace a sun block to prevent burning. There are no SPF's in the Ombra Del Sole. However, we have had great results from daily use when sun exposure is minimal. For a healthy lifestyle I recommend the intake of antioxidants in foods as well as whole food supplements. Such systemic and conscious health practices are always your best bet against free radical damage from the sun and our environment. - Julia Faller

Backstory - Ombra Del Sole

Most sun screens are designed to protect the skin from burning but may be questionable for protecting the skin from cancer producing cells. There is also question and research about the toxic effects of chemical sunscreens, and the sensitivites so many reap from their use. In sun screens attempt to protect through sheltering the skin from sunburn, we are damaging the skin with chemicals that often irritate, clog, and disrupt our skin's natural balance. The Ombra Del Sole was created out of need to protect the skin from environmental damage by addressing the root cause of the damage. Best Usage: After using your basic Benedetta Facial Regimen, apply the Ombra Del Sole Crème on arms, neck, chest, and lastly over face. Apply after 1 hour of exposure to sun.
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