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Behind the Scenes at Benedetta - Vibrant Body Lotion

May 06, 2015

Behind the Scenes at Benedetta - Vibrant Body Lotion

VIBRANT Body Care - Read the praise!

(And then be sure to scroll down to see photos of the Vibrant Body Lotion being produced this week!) DISCLAIMER: These testimonials are legitimate consumer experiences. Benedetta does not make any claim that the VIBRANT Body Lotion or any preparations produced by Benedetta will cure or heal a medical skin condition. All skin abnormalities should be diagnosed and treated by a licensed health care practitioner. "After two years of suffering from plaque psoriasis I began my employment at Benedetta and started using VIBRANT Body Lotion. My elbows, knees, feet and hands were covered with psoriasis. Now after almost 8 months of being completely off topical steroids and using the VIBRANT Body Lotion my hands, feet and knees have completely cleared and only small patches remain on my elbows - which continue to get smaller! This stuff is gold!" -Alexa M., Benedetta Customer Care/Marketing Ambassadress "My eczema was healed within 6 months using the VIBRANT Body Lotion (it was a lifetime condition). Thanks to Benedetta, I don't have to use topical steroids anymore." -Hillary R., Berkeley, CA "The lotions are all amazing. I have very dry skin and I never imagined I could find anything that would work this well! And the VIBRANT Lotion smells great too." -Elizabeth, Venice, CA "VIBRANT Body Lotion cured my eczema, it was the only thing that worked. I can't live without Benedetta products. Thank you so much!" -Sonia, San Francisco, CA "I love the VIBRANT Body Lotion. It helped stop my itchy skin." -Ty K., San Jose, CA "I just wanted to say the VIBRANT Body Lotion is the best lotion I have ever used anywhere, anytime. I absolutely love it. Thanks for making it!" -Lisa B. Additional Body Lotions Available: Lavender ~ Immune Strength Neroli ~ Tension Relief (Both offered in 200ml & 50ml sizes) Antioxidant rich VIBRANT Body Lotion Phase One 7f19cbbf-40a3-4270-b39a-5aa2a43afc82   VIBRANT Body Lotion Mixing Begins... 204af181-48cb-4785-aa67-038e64f9b7fa   VIBRANT Body Lotion Coming Together! 9db9f49d-ccd8-4764-a130-9b10211aa0f1