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An Authentic, Botanical Skincare Line

An Authentic, Botanical Skincare Line

100% Authentic and Original

Yesterday we made Visibly Radiant Moisturizer for Drier Skin formulated with gentle, nourishing neroli, and we were compelled to speak to you about some of the attributes of this authentically formulated preparation. This amazing, regenerative moisturizer's name says it all, and contains one of Julia's favorite essential oils. She even used neroli in her very first product, Benedetta's Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir for Drier Skin, back in 1986.

Benedetta's Visibly Radiant Moisturizer for Drier Skin formulation using Certified Organic Neroli essential oil

Back then we couldn’t get certified organic oils, let alone biodynamic ones. We used gas chromatographs to make sure the oils were free of adulterates, and were “pure and authentic”. We still require gas chromatographs from all of our suppliers for each botanical to see the variance in constituents from harvest to harvest. By the way, our Farm-Sourced® neroli is certified organic and biodynamic.

Botanically Derived Antioxidants

But neroli essential oil aside, there is one aspect of this formula that we must brag about, and that is our Vitamin C source. Nowadays people seem to be very interested in trending nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, hyaluronic acid, etc. But, they don't seem to be as interested in where those nutrients come from. If you were to look at the ingredients on the back of our Visibly Radiant Moisturizer for Drier Skin, you wouldn't find Vitamin C listed. However, you would find Amalaki phyllanthus emblica, an ayurvedic berry from India also known as Indian Gooseberry.

This precious berry is rich in Vitamin C, more so than orange or rosehip, and it is how we incorporate Vitamin C into our formula without resorting to laboratory engineered alternatives. When Julia Faller, our Founder and Formulator, decided this was the best bioavailable nutrient for her formulas, at the time there was nothing on the market that met our ingredient criteria. Rather than search for an alternative, Julia decided to make her own extract from biodynamic sources in order to maximize the resulting quality and performance.

Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts

As is true for all our products, Visibly Radiant Moisturizer for Drier Skin works beyond the potential of any one "superfood" single ingredient by combining them in precise percentages for a specific need. We here at Benedetta create our products within a unifying framework to work alone or in conjunction with another product or step. Our functional approach to skincare works to teach your skin to be more radiant and healthy in the long run.

It's important to remember that not all products on the market today are created equally. One company's "Organic" may be the same as another's "100% Natural". One "vegan" product isn't the same as another "100% botanical" one. And in a day and age of everything DIY, it's more important than ever to be educated on what someone means when they declare their products are the "cleanest" on the market. After all, who doesn’t have a friend or friend of a friend that isn’t making their own homemade lip balm? 

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