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Regarding COVID-19

Regarding COVID-19

Don’t Panic

Why is that once something like a pandemic like the infamous COVID-19/Coronavirus hits the news, the world panics? We worry that we can’t get tested or even afford to get tested. We worry that there isn’t a vaccine or antidote drug that can save the day.

But it is astounding to those of us in the natural remedy world that we are still in this mass thinking narrative and hysteria in 2020. The first world is just too far to the right in support of the pharmaceutical industry. No major news television or radio stations advocate what is still considered “alternative” thinking when honestly it's progressive and the clearest path to our healing and wellbeing. At the very least, add some of these immune strengthening additions and call it “complimentary medicine”.

In a newsletter written by San Diego homeopath, Gabrielle Traub, M.Tech (HOM), CCH, HD (Hon), states some of the key points in keeping our systems healthy and safe. What intrigued me from the start was the fact that the Indian government handed out Arscenicum Album 30C as the first line of defense to ward off the virus. Kudos!! I would like to add a wonderful immune strengthening easy to take the mushroom blend called 5 Defenders Organic Mushroom Complex from These 100% certified organic and easily dispersible powders are considered adaptogenic. Adaptogens are balance the physiological processes and encourage of development homeostasis within the body and mind. This causes our body to repair rather than react, as in the case of many herbal remedies.

Lastly, I would like to recommend the following health-saving additional preparations as preventives which also work to shorten illness durations:

Other Helpful Tips from San Diego Homeopathy

1) This virus is particularly sensitive to heat. During illness or for prevention drink hot water and avoid ice cold drinks and popsicles. Go out in the sun. Your body produces a fever to kill the virus. Do not use medications to suppress fevers unless they get too high.

2) Homeopathic prevention: At the start of the outbreak, the Indian government handed out free homeopathic remedies to their citizens. India is densely populated, has poverty, air pollution and is bordering with China. At the time they were criticized for using homeopathy. However their rates of COVID-19 are remarkably low: only 6 cases, 3 of which have completely recovered and no deaths. Even if you account for lack of reporting, these numbers are extremely low. What remedy did they use? Arsenicum album 30C: taken on an empty stomach daily for 3 days repeated once a month during the epidemic.

Interestingly, this remedy is also helpful for fear of contagions and getting sick. The fear and horror the media has created is certainly not helping our immune systems.

3) Conventional treatments: A study published in the Lancet showed that antivirals are not effective and corticosteroids do no improve death rates, in fact they delay clearance of the virus. Luckily homeopathic remedies have a long history of being extremely helpful during epidemics, including the 1918 Spanish Flu.

4) Homeopathic remedies to keep on hand: I have been in communication with colleagues in China, Japan and Italy who have been treating COVID-19. They have found the following homeopathic remedies to be most helpful at this time.

  • Gelsemium (Fatigue with heavy eyelids, chills, difficulty concentrating)
  • Bryonia alba (Dry cough, chest and head pain)
  • Eupatorium perfoliatum (Intense bone pain)
  • Antimonium tartaricum (Rattling cough, difficult expectoration, too weak to expectorate, lungs feel as if drowning)
  • Arsenicum album (restlessness, anxiety and fatigue)
  • Oscillococcinum (general flu-like symptoms)

5) Quit smoking: Researchers are found that death rates and complications from this virus are higher in smokers, possibly due to the effect on smoking on an enzymatic pathway, the ACE-expressing cell ratio.

6) Children: It appears that children have a much milder reaction to this virus.

7) Wash hands: This virus can only live on your hands for 5-10 minutes, however you'd be surprised how many times people touch their face, eyes or nose in that time. Regular hand washing is still the best prevention. Wash with soap and water while singing the "Happy Birthday" song from beginning to end twice. Hand sanitizers containing 60% or more alcohol can be used when soap and water is not available. Foaming soaps are slightly less effective than regular ones as it's the slippery quality in the soap that washes off the virus. The virus can live on metal surfaces for at least 12 hours (think door knobs) and on fabric for 6-12 hours. An exception to this is copper metal which actually has antimicrobial properties. The virus is killed by regular laundry detergent or leaving clothes out in the sun.

8) Use face covers and respirators: At this time, face masks are only recommended for healthcare workers or those who are sick or taking care of the sick. Correct fitting, putting on, removal and disposal of masks is essential for them to be effective. The CDC recommends disposable N95 masks. However this virus is quite large in size with a 400-500nm diameter. Protective eye wear (without air vents) is needed as the virus can enter the body through the eyes.

9) Vitamins and herbs: Vitamins A, D and liposomal Vitamin C are the most important at the first signs of infection. Vitamin A and D can be toxic if you take too much. Critically ill patients infected with COVID-19 have been found to have high concentrations of cytokines, producing a cytokine "storm". Supplements like elderberry and echinacea which promote cytokine activity may be extremely helpful for prevention and during early stages of the illness and best avoided during critical stages. It's important to consider which supplements promote or inhibit cytokine activity, the stage of illness and each individual's immune response.

Disclaimer: We are not suggesting that these measures are a solution to COVID-19. The information provided on the Benedetta website are for educational purposes only and IS NOT intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek professional medical advice from your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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