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Dry Skin? We Got This!

September 24, 2020

Dry Skin? We Got This!

Whether you live in the low or high desert or simply suffer from dry skin, our daytime and nighttime facial regimen or ritual is guaranteed to do the trick. 

There are many factors that can make our skin feel drier than usual, and wearing cloth or synthetic masks are no help either.  If you live on the western seaboard you are suffering from smoke from all the fires as well.  Smoke takes a lot of the water moisture out of the air and can change your skins hydration levels and moisture.

Our ritual for drier skin is not just a bandaid effect, where loading the skin with heavy creams or lotions is the norm.  We focus on what the skin needs to thrive and we attend to the skins hydration along with lipid (oil) levels, with attention to gentle exfoliation and deep purification.  Our 5-Step Day and 3-Step Night is designed with a function and purpose to bring the skin into balance.

When your skin changes so does your regimen/ritual…

Aside from the obvious desert living where if you are not outside you are living in air conditioning, your skin is also affected by seasonal changes, stress, diet, travel, and aging. 

Benedetta is designed to change with you, and was executed to accommodate your skins systemic health. Originated as a system of use or 5-Step ritual where one product is only as good as its counterpart.

There is more to cleansing for instance, than is taught to us with conventional thinking.  Soap is a surface cleaner and does more damage than good to the longevity of the skin.  For us, our foundational Step-1is intended to reach deeper layers and move debris out through your circulatory system as it softens and exfoliates dead skin cells.  This allows your skin to receive further steps and treatments, both day and night that assist your skins ability to balance.

As your skin changes some products of the line may change as well.  Where you were Dry, you now may be more hydrated and balanced and find that your Step-5 Moisturizer, as an example, may be switched from Drier to Most skin.  *Call for consultation for great clarity on your personal Benedetta ritual.