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The Miracle!

The Miracle!

 Vibrant Body Crème

The Vibrant Body Crème was developed authentically by Julia Faller. Here is why she created it in her words:

"As with all Benedetta preparations I had a set intention that is typically rooted in systemic health and our body’s ability to receive the botanical nutrients at a deeper level. The intent with these raw materials was to “aid or assist” the body’s natural ability to increase circulation, remove waste from fat cells, and strengthen vein integrity. 

I use the word aid or assist because we are not making claims that our products will “cure” anyone of any disease."

The Vibrant Body Crème was born and launched in the San Francisco Ferry Building to amazing reviews. Still, one of our best-sellers, it possesses a unique fragrance coming from the fresh array of raw ingredients that uplift the senses as it works magic on the skin. The Vibrant Body Crème is detoxifying, regenerative, and aids circulation, and possesses mild analgesic properties all while deeply moisturizing the skin. It truly nourishes your body on a deep level!

The Vibrant Body Crème and the Vibrant Hydrosol are designed to be used together, creating the Vibrant Hydrosol and Body Creme Duo. This follows the Benedetta practice of Water Integration by introducing water to the skin prior to applying an oil or crème. When used together- you get better hydration and saturation your skin needs to be healthy and radiant, while using less product overall. 

Below is a picture of part of our process, where you can see the orange and yellows that are characteristic of antioxidant-rich botanicals.

Benedetta's Vibrant Body Creme bright, vibrant color indicative of its antioxidant potency

I must state that if you, a friend or loved one suffers from a medical skin condition or poor circulation or more, it very likely that there is a deeper root to the visible external indicator you suffer from.

Seeking help through professional health practitioners is key in finding the “root” cause of the problem and bringing you back to balance or realignment.

“Beyond The Scent Threshold” 

All of our body cremes have a delicate natural aroma and are not *fragranced.  We live in a culture that chooses products especially body lotions, for their aroma, versus their attributes.  Because I focus on cause and effect, every botanical drop matters in their synergistic profile of the formula, making their effectiveness evident, even “Beyond The Scent Threshold”. 

I am very grateful for the following statements and to be able to create products that are of such benefit.  Thank you to all of those that have taken the time to write, it means the world to me and gives me purpose.” 

Praise for the Vibrant Body Crème are Legitimate!

“I would give 10 stars if I could! I generally have pretty good skin, but then I started getting itchy rashes on my body and face. I went to see my doctor and he told me, "there isn't really a treatment for the condition. It's a sort of dry skin eczema so moisturize often and stay away from hot baths." That's it??? I tried using all kinds of moisturizers from drug stores to high end department stores to the organic stuff at whole foods. Some of them worked a little bit, but not really,... until I found Benedetta at the Ferry Building. After about two weeks of using the 'Vibrant body crème', I started noticing a significant difference on my skin, and now I've been eczema free for almost a year.”

–Jessica P.

"My eczema was healed within 6 months using the Vibrant Body Creme (it was a lifetime condition). Thanks to Benedetta, I don't have to use topical steroids anymore."

–Hillary R.

“Please tell Julia I really appreciate her creation of the Vibrant Body Crème and I share my product experience with others all the time. I had shingles and a scorpion bite which has resulted in nerve pain and Vibrant Body Crème has changed my life. I depend on the Vibrant Body Crème because it helps me with my pain. Thank you, Julia."

–Brigid O.

"Vibrant body crème cured my eczema, it was the only thing that worked. The Ylang Ylang moisturizer cured dermatitis on my face. I can’t live without Benedetta products. Thank you so much!”


"I just wanted to say that the Vibrant Body Crème is the best lotion I have ever used anywhere, anytime. I absolutely love it. Thanks for making it!"

–Lisa D.


"I have circulatory issues. My legs hurt after work. Vibrant Body Crème has been a relief when I massage my legs at night. The pain is gone.”

–P. F.

"This is THE lotion I have not been without for over 15 years. It does what it says - promotes circulation and moisturizes. Thank you Julia for giving us truly happily grown and made botanical gifts for well being. Especially now."


Disclaimer: The information provided on the Benedetta Website, Newsletter or Emails, are for educational purposes only and is NOT intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek professional medical advice from your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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