Farm-Sourced® Skin Care

Farm-Sourced® Skin Care

Skin care products are only as effective, nourishing and revitalizing as the raw ingredients used to produce them. We know this to be true and hold this at the heart of every preparation we create. Raw ingredients are only as alive, vibrant and energetic as the methods used to grow, harvest and procure them. There is a vitality–a vibrant life-force–that is transferred from seed to skin when the integrity of the journey from seed to bottle is honored.

At Benedetta, we are meticulous about honoring this entire process. We coined the term Farm-Sourced® to represent exactly what this approach to sourcing raw materials entails. The basic definition of Farm-Sourced® is to refer to a botanical that is as close to its earthly source as possible, and not altered in a laboratory to mimic a nutrient. It represents a standard of excellence that requires ingredients to be intentionally cultivated on a farm, ecologically harvested in the wild, or found in the sea.

But our high standards don’t stop there. Farm-Sourced® also refers to the way the botanical is handled after harvest. Conscious and careful processing of the plant material, in accordance with energetic principles, is critical to keeping the plant viable and active. If the plant material is harvested and then left to sit for days, the vitality and effectiveness of the botanical is compromised.

We have formed close relationships with our farmers, and we carefully track production dates, batch tests and additional certification documentation to ensure our raw materials meet our high standards. Additionally, transportation and storage is an important component in adhering to Farm-Sourced® guidelines. Once received in our warehouse, ingredients are stored in a climate-controlled environment and housed in glass, stainless steel or coated aluminum for optimal endurance and viability.

Insisting on Farm-Sourced® ingredients is what makes Benedetta unique. It’s not the simplest way to source, but it is absolutely the most effective. It means that we work with nature, we work with small farms, we work with unpredictable factors, but the pay-off is truly worth it.

When the entire journey from seed to bottle to skin is taken into consideration and honored, the results are extraordinary. The Farm-Sourced® approach is what leads to truly effective, alive and vibrant food for your skin, and this is what we strive for in everything we do at Benedetta.

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