Vibrational Efficacy

Vibrational Efficacy

Today as I gazed out into our garden, I saw numerous honey bees pollenating on freshly bloomed flowers. It’s easy to be reminded of the symbiotic connection we have with nature. Just as the bee needs unadulterated, fresh flowers to survive, we need the same sustenance from our food and water to thrive. What we put in our body is a direct correlation with our overall energetic profile.

The vibrance of what we ingest through our skin must be considered as relevant as the food we eat.

The frequency of a strawberry filled with pesticides and that of one grown biodynamically is vastly different in vibrational measurement and, therefore, nutritional uptake. What we feed our skin topically is no different. But there has been un underestimation for years of how important it is what goes on our largest and most protective organ–our skin. Our skin is our armor against environmental degradation as well as our visible indicator of internal unrest or imbalance.

Ingredients' energetic and vibrational resonances should be as present in topical skin preparations as in the foods we eat. Benedetta is founded on the principle of understanding the union between the body’s numerous systems and this principle is present in each and every one of our formulations and preparations.

The symbiotic resonance and uptake of nutrients can only be had without the presence of inert materials. It is a given in any formula that the raw materials are not only organic but also biodynamic, but that they are processed close to harvest and stored sustainably which sustains these energetic formulations from "Seed to Bottle". Creating energetic preparations that feed and deliver vital nutrients to the skin will then holistically correct, protect, and rejuvenate, giving your skin the longevity it requires for youthful healthy results.

My vision 30 years ago has not changed. My intention was and is still to create vibrational, energetic formulas that are holistically beneficial for the skin with continued use and are blessed with abundant life.

From my heart to yours,


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