#SlowBeauty Movement

April 16, 2021

#SlowBeauty Movement

What is it?

Slow beauty is the latest trend beauty insiders are talking about, but unlike other trends, the point of this one isn't meant to be thrown away with your bellbottoms and shoulder-pads. Like slow fashion, slow beauty is about investing in quality products that put sustainable practices and purposefully intentioned products above profit lines. It's about using less in the first place which leads to less waste in the end.

Why it's important?

Slow beauty may seem like a fad, but it's much more important than whether or not your white linen trousers are in vogue or not. Not only does slow beauty encourage us as consumers to be mindful of unnecessary consumption and waste, but it also encourages us to be mindful of how and where we spend our time and attention. So not only is slow beauty good for your bank balance, but it's also good for our Mother Earth and for your wellbeing.

How we're manifesting #SlowBeauty here at Benedetta

#SlowBeauty may be trending, but it has never been just a trend for us here at Benedetta. One of our core tenets here at Benedetta is that we put the needs of your skin first, not the needs of a skin care line. Our products are developed with an understanding of what your skin needs, and only what it needs, to be more hydrated, less damaged, and nourished from within. 

Both our 5-Step Daytime Facial Regimen and our 3-Step Nighttime Facial Regimen are perfect opportunities not only to invest in the health and nourishment of your skin, but also to take time from your busy days to unwind, relax, and refocus energy back to yourself.

But beyond our purposefully intentional production, here are a few more ways Benedetta is trying to leave the world a better place than when we found it!

Ethical Sourcing

Our Farm-Sourced® ethic represents a standard of excellence requiring ingredients to be intentionally cultivated on a farm, ecologically harvested in the wild, or found in the sea. We do our best to acquire directly from farms as they are extremely dear to us, and allow for mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships.

[Click here to read more about Benedetta's Farm-Sourced® Ethic]

Micro-batch Production

Unlike other beauty brands, we do not mass produce our products with the intention of storing them in giant warehouses for months on end. Every product is micro-manufactured in limited quantities to assure quality and maximize efficacy. So the product you receive from Benedetta is just as fresh and just as vibrant as the day we made it.

Recyclable Packaging

We are proud of our insistence on using only post-consumer shipping materials and recyclable packaging. Furthermore, we package all of our products in glass, aluminum, and Miron* glass when necessary. Our Miron glass packaging protects and preserves the vibrancy and potency of our products to maximize the lifetime and efficacy of each and every bottle.

[Click here to read more about Benedetta's sustainability practices]

*full-spectrum violet glass designed specifically to filter almost all visible light

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