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Too many choices?

Too many choices?

Experience the Benedetta Difference 

Your skin’s health and longevity are about restoring its best behavior by working with your skin, not against it.

Most often, due to digital media and the internet “trends”, we become focused on the next best thing, that we literally settle for less, when it comes to our skin’s health.

Continuing on the same path of care that has been handed down from generation, to generation, like loading the skin with night creams.  Or toners as our secondary step in achieving brighter skin with diminished pore size, none of which is true.

Nor do night creams or oils work with your skin, but in fact can work against it.

Benedetta is constantly being asked what our new products or trend is. The answer for more than 3 decades is always the same, we do not produce overnight products, but tried and true formulations.  Benedetta does not make dozens and dozens of products just for profit.

But literally creates by need, not always demand.  When asked if we have a lip balm or SPF’s or Toners, or use Vitamin C (we do in botanical form), we address the why behind your supposed need for these products, and offer a better Benedetta solution.

Our standard of excellence lies in the realization that all we need is from nature. That the botanicals world provides a better system of intake and uptake, where we address the functional needs of the skin rather than a topical cover up, or quick fix.  Stripping the skin with certain treatments or chemical (natural or toxic) often inhibits natural oils and water.  Reaping the opposite results when it comes to supple radiant skin, and the overall longevity and health of your skin. Again, working with your skin not against.

After more than 3 decades of using a system designed to be void of these elements and others, our system is one that assists the skins best behavior in the pursuit of clear, ageless and flawless skin. 

As we evolve and the planet changes around us so do our dietary needs and lifestyle shifts in general.  It is time to add Benedetta to your healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

For more information call for a consultation 707-665-3904 or email us at sales@benedetta.com
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