Visibly Radiant Moisturizer for Most Skin

August 24, 2018

Rosemary Visibly Radiant Rosemary Verbenone Moisturizer

Assisting Balance

If you could only smell the fresh and amazing aroma from this authentic formula in today’s production.

Micro-batch made, each batch of Visibly Radiant Moisturizer for Most Skin is pumped into full-spectrum violet glass to assure quality until the last pump used. Made with full intention to balance and stimulate healthy cell production, this formula is your transition from imbalanced skin to balanced skin. Whether you are dry or oily it is the intention behind our 5-Step process to bring your skin into harmony. In doing so, you will at some point be using this preparation as well as its counterpart, our Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir for Most Skin.

None of us is perfect when it comes to beautiful, radiant skin. We are dependent on may factors, some of which include hormones, diet, age, seasonal changes, make-up, chemicals and the environment; these stresses can alter and shift our balance. Similar to how eating good healthy foods and drinking water are integral to our overall health, the topical nutrient-rich products we use have the ability to stimulate our natural functioning.

In fact, addressing our systemic health is a topic of discussion for another time, but it is paramount in our overall thinking and integration as our largest organ is a visible indicator of our overall health, no matter age, ethnicity or hereditary skin conditions. It is the intrinsic design of Benedetta that makes a difference in how and why Benedetta is formulated. With keen forethought on steps to bring your skin into harmony or balance, we use a template that includes purification, correction and protection for most skin. Not knowing each individual, there may be a customizable regimen specific for that individual contingent on their skin’s personal health. Please call for consultation if you have a sensitive skin disposition.

Within the confines of our facial regimen, Benedetta has created a system of use that speaks to our basic principles of facial rejuvenation. We first facilitate the skin’s purification without stripping it from natural oils; then we introduce and lock in much needed hydration, and lastly we protect the skin from environmental assaults with fully botanical means (no chemicals or SPFs), and as such we are holistically achieving results that are lasting and accumulative.

The Most Skin series of products are geared towards this end of normality using rosemary verbenone. That said, it is designed, as are all preparations, to introduce water integration, fight free radical damage, and supply healthy nutrients to aging and damaged skin. Rosemary verbenone is an exquisite botanical that is in the rosmarinus officianalis family but without much of the camphorous constituent. Instead it has a verbenone one that has its own delicate regenerative properties. Great for regeneration of the cells and tissue, I find its incorporation enhanced with other synergistic and regenerative botanical oils allows the entire preparation to be far more active and exquisitely effective.

Please keep in mind though that transitioning from one preparation to another may be the missing link to your personalized skin care regimen to amplify your skins well-being. In addition, remember to adhere to our 3-Step Nighttime Facial Regimen and avoid using any oil-based preparation while you sleep.

In closing I want to add that with all Benedetta preparations, we strive to have your skin be its personal best, so looking within the line of products to see what works best for you individually is key. If you are using other brands along with Benedetta, or are having invasive facial rejuvenation treatments that can alter your skins balance, a different Benedetta regimen or preparation may be essential to benefit your skin’s best behavior. Once again, we are here to make sure you are investing in healthy skin care practices and are using the right combination of products specific to your present needs within our offerings.

From my heart to yours,


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