What Makes Benedetta Unique

What Makes Benedetta Unique


It almost seems incredibly presumptuous to speak about being authentic. But in this internet age where many emerging skin care companies are touting the newest best thing, I am compelled to write a little about our authenticity. After all, Benedetta began some 30 years ago, when the internet didn’t exist and neither did clean skin care.

The idea that I created something from nothing is key to understanding the authentic view. I was recently asked by a blogger what one ingredient I felt was above all others, and as hard as I tried, I started with two and ended up with several more. We are not about single ingredients as much as we are about the design and purpose behind each formula. Our complexity stems from many variables, starting first with the skin’s functions and what it needs. A single ingredient, therefore, is only as good as those it is matched or unified with to create synergies with an objective end point: intuitive, reliable skin care. It becomes authentic because it is created it without HELP. 

Did I have help from private label labs or internet sites on how to create a skin care line? Did I follow the latest skin care trends? No. Right from my start in 1986, with our Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir and our newest formulas on environmentally damaged skin, Benedetta has remained true to our grass roots ethic of true authenticity and formulation.

It has only been in this past year, a year where truth is often hard to find or identify, that I have felt a need to speak out on authentic products and a company such as Benedetta. 

I believe in authenticity and truth; I hope you do too. 

From my heart to yours,


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