Your Energetic Profile

Your Energetic Profile

Everything in life has an energetic profile, a vibrational force. The universe is made up of energy and it is in constant motion. We know this to be true on so many levels. As living, breathing beings, we operate at a vibrational frequency that is constantly fluctuating depending on what we put in our bodies, what we put on our bodies, what surrounds us and what we focus on.

Our vibrational or energetic profile depends highly on the very decisions we make every single day. When we make decisions that carry us through life at a higher frequency, we live a more focused, clear and peaceful life, and this is precisely why we strive to raise our vibration. This is why we eat well, breathe deeply, do yoga and meditate.

But there are also many factors affecting us from the outside in, and these factors may be countering the positive choices we are making to elevate our energetic profile. There are toxins in our environment, in the electronics we use every day and in the products we put on our skin. All of these lower our vibrational frequency and in turn, affect the quality of our lives. Our skin is very effective at absorbing whatever it is we choose to put on it, whether we nourish it with high vibrational, energetic food for our skin or with products laden with parabens and petrochemicals that weaken our energetic profile.

At Benedetta, we have created a Farm-Sourced® skin care company, using biodynamic and organic ingredients to produce energetically synergistic formulations that work with the body to elevate our vibrational profiles. We believe that true healing treats the mind, the spirit, and both the physical and emotional body. Our formulas are based on 30+ years of knowledge about the histology and anatomy of the skin and body, as well as a knowledge of what nutrients the skin needs, how it feeds and how it releases.

Our dedication to create energetic food for your skin is apparent in every aspect of our holistic formulation and preparation, but holistic doesn’t just mean natural. It means looking to what works symbiotically in nature to treat the skin. We never use synthetic fragrances, fillers or coloring agents; each formula has the rich color and sweet smell nature intended. We consider how long a plant has been on the planet, where it grows, its botanical family, and its color and appearance before considering it for our products.

Our complex system of formulating is a process of drawing nutrients together; knowing that when you use two botanicals together, the resulting formula is something greater than the sum of its parts. Here, intuition blends with understanding the chemical makeup of botanicals and their families. Essential oils are powerful medicine, as they oxygenate the blood and carry and move other nutrients with them. However, they need a vehicle to accomplish this. We believe in marrying oils to a base as clean as they are.

Creating a synergy enhances and alters the botanical, which is why we use whole plant synergies whenever possible: the blossom, the leaf, sometimes even the root. Looking to synergies in nature allows us to create active and powerful products that work safely and treat your body holistically, providing high vibrational, energetic food for your skin.

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