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How to Create The Ultimate Bath Experience at Home

How to Create The Ultimate Bath Experience at Home

When the days are a colder and shorter, there’s no better way to warm up than lounging in a super steamy hammam, fragrant cedar sauna, or bubbling hot tub. But if you’re not lucky enough to have access to one of these, the next best thing? Learning how to create the ultimate bath experience at home.

Top luxury hotels have recognized the power of the bath ritual and now offer ‘bath butlers’ who will prepare a lush, hot bath for you, complete with scattered rose petals and your choice of  oils, salts and scents. But there’s no need to travel to have  the ultimate bath experience; with a bit of creativity you can transform your own tub into a watery paradise! Here’s how.

1. Prepare

First, of course, you need to prepare the setting. Hopefully, you’ve already got a lovely bathtub at home. If not, consider investing in one, if you, like me, are a serious bath fanatic! You can even invest in a hot tub if you wish.

And here’s a bonus: many hot tubs come with accessories such as calming lights and audio capabilities so that you can feel transported when you step in for a soak. If you go for this option, be sure you invest in a model with directional jets, for a lovely massage! Find the latest hot tub advice and buying guides at WhatSpa.

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