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Industry Rules Takes A Closer Look at Benedetta

Industry Rules Takes A Closer Look at Benedetta

Growing up I always thought clear skin was a gift from the heavens endowed upon a lucky few, leaving the rest of us to envy them furtively. As I got older and much wiser, I realized clear skin, just like beauty, comes from within. There was no more reason for envy, when I finally understood that youthful glowing skin is a luxury attainable by anyone willing to look within and truly listen to his or her body’s needs. It’s always refreshing to discover skincare lines that have realized this as well and integrates this philosophy into their brand.

Benedetta is a line developed with a systemic view of what the skin truly needs to be nourished. The brand is unique in that it doesn’t follow the skin care trends, but instead focuses on the science behind how the skin works, and what ingredients will optimize its functioning while minimizing environmental related damage. These ingredients are certified organic and biodynamic, with most sourced from family owned farms and never altered in a laboratory. Benedetta prides itself on using the most trusted distributors of organic ingredients that are required to have certificates of organic status, gas chromatograph testing and date of harvest and process. Nevertheless, Benedetta understands that it’s not only about having clean ingredients. The key is to create a synergistic formula that cares for the skin holistically.

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