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Unsubscribed: Skin After The Subscription Box Trend By Julia Faller

Unsubscribed: Skin After The Subscription Box Trend By Julia Faller

Skin is a visible indicator of dysfunction often occurring elsewhere in the body or from the environment. It is aestheticians’ and clinicians’ purpose to find solutions for each individual, to discover what works for clients’ skin, and curate a regimen that will fulfill their skin care needs not just immediately, but over time. In a society where modern comforts and quick fixes arrive through a rotating door, it is easy to be seduced by seemingly simple skin care trials and subscription kits. The most undernourished skin is ironically that which has been overly treated by a myriad of products and quick fixes.


A box of skin care creams, cleansers, toners, and serums delivered straight to the home, even tailored to a personal skin type, may seem like the best way to find that one product one cannot live without. But the trial-and-error period and constant rotation of formulas treating skin suspends this incredible organ in a constant state of imbalance. While this process can function well as a short-term solution (often results show up instantly), mixing and matching skin care does not address the systemic health of skin. And suddenly, that subscription kit that felt so easy is no longer simple – at least not for skin.

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