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Organic Seaweed Detox Bath Or Seaweed Mask - Vegan African Shea Butter Soap, West African Black Soap, Rose or Peach Soaps

Certified organic seaweed detox baths can be one of the most profoundly healthy and wellness skincare treatments. Our all natural seaweed bath powder is so luxuriating, skin-and-spirit stimulating, it’s like a luxury spa bath in your own home. Our clean seaweed mask is a very special formula that catalyzes a return to truly healthy facial skin. Seaweed is such a powerhouse of the ocean nature pharmacology – you really have to try it to experience its unique qualities.

Best organic African Shea Butter soap from Benedetta is among our top sellers. Our over 25 years of experience in small batch, true ingredient crafting creates the perfect outcome in clean skin care. Organic African Shea Butter soap is like a super soap for your skin, and ours is entirely chemical free, an important difference from our competitors. Our West African Black soap powerfully cleans and imparts healing properties to your skin, and will soon become a favored soap for everyday use. Our Rose and Peach soaps are fair trade, organic and botanical – making them the ultimate in these creamy, non-drying soaps. There are no chemicals (no lyes) in our soaps.